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Low Cost Munich Airport Parking

There is a huge assortment of parking areas and facilities at Munich Airport. They range from short-term underground garages and multistory car parks to long-term parking areas and valet parking. There are plenty of parking spaces in all the areas for disabled passengers.

Parking Facilities at Munich Terminal 1

Passengers can park at the last minute in the stopping areas located in front of the arrival area of Terminal 1. These are at Modules A, B, D and E.

The short-term parking for Terminal 1 are the P1, P2, P3 and P4 areas. These are underground parking garages that can be used for a maximum duration of 7 days.

Terminal 1’s long-term parking facilities are P5, P7 and P8. They are multistory car parks situated opposite the terminal building.

Additional long-term parking can be found next to the Kempinski Airport Hotel in the underground car park P26.

Munich Airport provides separate parking spaces that are dedicated for woman only. They are specially marked spaces available in the underground garages and multistory facilities at Terminal 1. They are located near to the Terminal 1 entrances.

Parking Facilities at Munich Terminal 2

Terminal 2 has a stopping area located next to the P20 parking area.

P20 is the short-stay garage parking area for Terminal 2. It is a multistory building immediately adjacent to Terminal 2 and the MAC (Munich Airport Center). Signposts will lead you to the parking area, and there is approximately 6400 indoor parking spaces available. Passengers using the P20 parking area can make use of other automotive services, such as car washing, interior care, refueling and having your car taken for maintenance checks. For these services and others, there are special parking spaces at Level 06.

There are special parking spaces for women in P20 on Level 03. The dedicated area is the entire Row D next to the elevators and access ramp of Terminal 2.

In P20 on Level 03, there are XXL parking spaces. These facilitate driving in and out with larger sized vehicles.

Parking Facilities at the General Aviation Terminal and Central Airport Area

This parking area is P35, and it is positioned right in front of the General Aviation Terminal. There are 150 parking spaces available, and can be located by following the General Aviation signs.

Parking facilities for the Central Area (Z) are the underground garages of P9. This is for short-term parking only.

Parking Facilities at the Visitor’s Park (Besucherpark)

This parking area is P51 for cars, and P53 for buses. Follow the signs from the ‘Flughafen München’ exit for Besucherpark. The Besucherpark station for the S-Bahn trains is about an 800m walk.

Valet Parking

Passengers who enjoy the VIP treatment can use the valet parking services. An airport employee will park your car for you at the desired parking area of your choice. Passengers using the valet service, should park in one of the terminal’s stopping areas, and hand in the car keys at the information desk in the departure area. Hand in the ticket you received at the barrier as well. To collect your vehicle, contact the Parking Office.

Munich Disabled Parking Facilities

Barrier free parking spaces for disabled passengers can be found in all the parking areas of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. They provide easy access to the airport terminals as they are near the elevators, or are on the same level as the terminal.

In Terminal 1, disabled parking spaces are on Level 03, and in the P20 parking area of Terminal 2, on Level 03 and Level 05.

Parking charges are discounted by 50% for passengers with the disabled identification codes of ‘aG’, ‘H’ or ‘BI. Passengers may call an airport staff member from the intercom system at the parking pay points to collect the discounted parking fee.

Remote Munich Long-Term Parking Facilities

This is parking area P41, and it is located on North/South Nordallee. There are approximately 4500 spaces available. This parking area is more economical than the areas at Munich Airport. Passengers can travel to the terminals by train from the Besucherpark station, or by bus no 635. The bus stops at the parking area. Travel by bus or train to the airport is free of charge when using the P41 parking area.

Parking Tips and Payment

•    To find available parking spaces more easily, take note of the automatic parking guidance system, which will guide you to an available numbered space. Passengers will be able to see the amount of available spaces at the entrance to the parking facilities.

•    All of the underground garages and multilevel car parks have a height limitation of 2 meters. Higher vehicles can be parked at P41.

•    Parking charges can be paid at the payment machines in cash up to 50 Euros, or by credit card and EC cards. Your credit card may be used for payment directly at the entrance/exit barriers, to avoid using the payment machines. The credit card is inserted at the entrance barrier, and at the exit barrier on your way out.

More information on the parking facilities at Munich Airport can be enquired at the Parking Office in the Central Area on Level 03. The office is open 24 hours a day. There are also intercoms at the parking area entrances and exits, and at the payment machines, which allow you to communicate directly with the parking office personnel.