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Munich Airport Taxis (MUC)

Munich Airport, like most major airports, have plenty of taxis ready and waiting to take passengers to their required destinations. There are four Munich Airport taxi stands in total.

At the Central Area of the airport, there is a taxi stand outside Level E03. This is to the north of the Central Area.

Outside Terminal 1, there is a taxi stand at Level E04 (Arrivals and Departures Level), in front of Modules A-E.

At Terminal 2, there are two taxi stands. One is located outside the Arrival Level E03, to the north, near the access ramp for buses and taxis. The other one is outside the Departure Level E04.

The south curbside of Terminal 2 is for private cars. The priority check-in at the south curbside is available for HON, first-class and business-class passengers.

Munich Airport is about 28km/17 miles from the city center of Munich. The taxi ride to central Munich takes about 35 minutes, or longer during rush hour traffic. If possible, it is better to take a taxi when there are less traffic jams, as your taxi fare will include the waiting time in traffic. Waiting time amounts to 22.50 Euros per hour.

There are two taxi companies operating at Munich Airport. They are IsarFunk Taxizentrale GmbH und Co.KG and Taxi Zentrale Freising. IsarFunk Taxizentrale has a service point at Terminal 2. Passengers can choose the type of vehicle most suitable for their requirements, such as a sedan, station wagon or minibus (for groups of up to eight people). Passengers may also choose to travel in a smoking or non-smoking vehicle.

Taxi fare rates vary considerably depending on the final destination, the amount of baggage loaded, traffic waiting time and in which rate zone you will be traveling. It is very difficult to calculate the exact fare that will be required when all these factors need to be taken into consideration. Fares are based on a basic fare of 2.70 Euros. For up to 5km of travel, the rate per kilometer is 1.60 Euros. 1.40 Euros are charged per kilometer for 5 – 10km. The rate of travel of over 10km is 1.25 Euros per kilometer.

Each item of luggage loaded is 0.50 Euro extra. In Munich, taxis can be called or ordered by email from most taxi companies. The order fee is 1 Euro. This is applicable to rate zone 1, which includes the city of Munich and the other municipality territories of Unterföhring, Unterhaching, Planegg, Aschheim-Dornach, Haar, Feldkirchen, Neubiberg, Grünwald, Ottobrunn, Neuried, Pallach, Gräfelfing, Krailling and Karlsfeld . You will be required to pay the regular fare, depending on the rate schedule, if the taxi leaves to collect you from outside of rate zone 1.

Taxis are a popular way to travel from Munich Airport to any destination, and are especially convenient if you are carrying heavy luggage.